10 Reasons I Love Being Bipolar

Despite the hardships, there are some real positives that I am lucky enough to experience through bipolar disorder. Here are 10 things I love about bipolar disorder.

  1. Feeling euphoric. During a hypomanic spike it is incredibly enjoyable to feel a sudden surge of happiness so powerful you will burst into fits of smiles, laughter and dancing. When this follows a depression episode it feels like you have been fully revived and are alive once again. I cannot get enough of this feeling.
  2. Feeling spiritual. I am not a strictly religious person, but I believe in a type of energy or power among us. During mania I feel so connected and in control of that energy. I feel powerful, incredible, invincible. Mose manics describe this as a negative experience, I am lucky that my impulses have been tame for some time now and I often get to enjoy this powerfully freeing experience.
  3. Feeling so full of love. When I am hypomanic/ manic I feel flooded with the overwhelming feelings of love towards my friends and family. I appreciate their place in my life so much I cry with gratitude and humbleness. I also feel this way towards work colleagues, servers, youtubers, anybody who displays a positive interaction in my life will fuel this overwhelming feeling of love and compassion.
  4. Being physically strong. I love going to the gym when I am both manic and depressed, it is a place of comfort, healing, soothing. When I am manic I often find myself able to run twice as fast or lift twice the weights of my depressed self. It feels incredible to be in top form, able to push past your limits to reach new levels.
  5. Extreme empathy. I believe that it is through experiencing the lowest blows of depression that I am so empathetic towards the world around me in both mania and depression, I feel this pain and suffering and do my best to channel my energy towards helping those in need wherever I can.
  6. My life is far from boring. They say you should be careful what you wish you and well this is so true in this instance. When I was young I wanted an interesting life and well bipolar disorder with its ups and downs certainly keeps things interesting to say the least!
  7. Senses are heightened. When I am manic I have such heightened senses, colours are brighter, the world is more beautiful, music is incredible, I enjoy eating. All of these things I lose in depression so to gain them back to these extremes is incredibly satisfying.
  8. Getting outside. When I am going manic I need to be outside. My whole life I have loved to be outside, I love the sunshine, the rain, not too fond of heavy winds though, but I spend so much more time outside to try and stay calm when I go manic and I love that time spent with the real world rather than cooped up inside.
  9. It makes you strong. It takes so much strength to manage the ever changing symptoms of bipolar disorder and maintain a career, relationships, social life, routine ect. Bipolar forces you to develop discipline if you are to have any chance of fighting the illness.
  10. Gratitude in depression. When I slip into depression I am constantly overwhelmed by the kindness displayed by others. Most of my life mental illness has been stigmatised, but this seems to no longer be the case especially with a real diagnosis to back up what I am experiencing. People are so kind, supportive, checking up on me and offering their help with basic things like getting food or resting. I am so lucky to have the people in my life that I do.

I would love to know if other bipolars agree or disagree with these statements, I hear it is different for everyone.
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7 thoughts on “10 Reasons I Love Being Bipolar

  1. when i’m hypomanic i love it… actually in a hypo phase now and i love it… but i know depression is soon to follow.. loud voices in my head telling me how much of a shit person i am and all of that… but for now i’m going to ride this high lol

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    1. That is exactly how I feel when I am hypomanic, enjoying the euphoria but terrified for the onset of depression/ mixed symptoms/ uncontrollable mania. It makes sense to want to ride the highs whilst you can just be careful you don’t go too far 🙂

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